Tidying up

There have been a few things that I just couldn't put off much longer and I thought I'd get off the decal thing for a while. Here's a shot of the old exhaust and long dipstick tube: The original exhaust from the front cylinder passed back along the top of the motor where the back cylinder tee'd in. Together they dropped down the back. I knew I wanted them to drop down individually but didn't want soot directly on my foot or on the clutch or countershaft. Here's what I came up with. The front pipe: The rear pipe: I hope it sounds better.... and louder! I kept the outside line of each pipe the same length. They should rust pretty quickly and fit in again. You can also see the cropped dipstick tube. Here's another shot of it: I also fabbed a cover for the "primary drive." It is actually quite similar to the cover found on the street version of the Cyclone with the exception of the clutch poking through. I don't mind my foot hitting the spinning clutch as it is smooth and to cover it completely would have put the cover in the "too wide" category like the ill-fated floor boards. BTW, notice they are no longer on the bike. Somehow, despite measuring twice, I came up short on this cover and had to graft in 1/2" to the length to prevent rubbing. I added the 1/2" strip to the apex of the large end so as not to create a step in the cover's taper. The cover attaches to the motor in two spots and onto a standoff welded the bottom of the left chain stay. Here's the back side of it on the bike. There's 3/8" to 1/2" clearance for the counter shaft pulley.