... and the drama continues

Everywhere I turn there is incompetency! I don't mean to sound arrogant but the older I get the more I notice this. Am I alone here?! I finally found a laser printer at an undisclosed location - neither a print shop nor a copy center. I was able to get a copy or three done. I chose to practice with the least favorite decal sheet on the first tank I built that's still in bare metal. So what's wrong with the above picture? That is NOT the white decal paper I ordered. It's clear! Not only are the white drop shadows invisible (as white is actually printed only on an Alps printer), but the whole thing is translucent and bland! I thought to stripe the white drop shadows by hand but the remainder would be too muted. Looks like I must reprint after buying white decal paper - dare I order from the same place? I might have a dented tank if I allow a second chance and am let down again. Another option is painting a white backdrop for the entire logo, using a paper mask cut from a regular paper copy of the logo, then applying the decal over that. I shouldn't have to do that and that puts me back into the effect of a vinyl decal - any scratches would reveal a white base.... and all too thick IMO. If you want anything done right - don't even try it in the first place!!!!!!!! I am beginning to celebrate the pride and snootiness of anyone who perseveres with a project and rises above the masses. You deserve the attention you earn!