New faces

If you followed the JockeyJournal link, welcome. You all inspired me to keep going on this project further than I would have this year. I decided to leave my comments here as this is MY journal and unless "on topic" my comments might be deleted there. No harm and no foul as it's not my forum but I was disappointed with admin. A member had asked for cafe racer pics and this is certainly not a junky one. Here's the pic I posted: This pic was rapidly deleted(without comment) and, when I reposted it with a caveat, it was quickly kicked again. Per the mods rules, "While we will let a few Jap based threads roll every now and then,......." so there will be some Jap content allowed. There were a few pics of Hondas in the thread but likely less than 1%. Therefore, I thought mine would be a good addition and would spawn the creative process without offending the Jap haters. Close observation will reveal DG heads and DG swingarm - two highly sought after period pieces that lend to a true early 70s look. I understand their reasons for a focus away from Japanese bikes as they are perceived as modern and quite frankly most of the modded ones are hacked. This is why I belong to no Jap bike forums other than the USA 2-strokers.com. That's JMO but it is also my opinion that many a good HD or Triumph frame has been devalued forever on the JJ using a cutoff wheel and about $10 in tubing just to "fit in" with the aforementioned crowd. Many of you guys are very talented fabricators but many, like those of some Jap-bike forums, are comfortable hacking away and create some very dangerous things. I suspect we will see a new business of softtail conversion kits in a few short years to turn back and "undo" many of the altered frames of the style. JMO as this is my place to freely speak - and without hypocrisy as I have always offered to assist those who can't do it right. If you belong to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kccaferacers/ you know I have yet to delete a thread or edit comments even when I disagree with them. Comment away. Anyway, it is just too much to try to keep this log up to date and post there as well. Perhaps I will post an occasional update pic and certainly one of the finished bike there. Y'all are good guys.