Back at it

Sorry for not posting much lately. I realized I was putting all my efforts into updates on the Jockeyjournal forum and neglecting my blog. Not fair to you following or to myself. Sorry. Here's a pic when we rolled it inside the other day to apply some pinstriping. These were my two helpers. I was tempted to bring out the old brushes and do it "right" but I am really rusty and never got really good at pulling lines anyway. It's aggravating wanting to be good at all your hobbies but knowing you can't dedicate the time to do it all. The other option was one of the Beugler-type tools. Stripers mock these but they are a fair tool in the game. They aren't cheap but I picked up a vintage(40s or 50s) model for a song on Ebay last year. It's hardly as refined as a Beugler but would work and as well as anything of that period. What I ended up doing was buying a Testors enamel paint pen from the hobby store. It actually worked pretty well with less of a commitment in time(lazy I know). I really haven't seen "authentic" striping on the Cyclones. Shorty Tompkins over-restored bike is the only one but I liked them and they looked very period. I did polish the valve covers of the motor yesterday just so it wouldn't look too old sitting in the freshly painted frame. Remember, I do want it all to age together quickly but this shouldn't hurt that. Today's intro pic is what it looked like yesterday morning. The bearings for the internal throttle sleeve arrived yesterday. I got sick yesterday so we'll see what I can get done this week. I have to wait for weeks for the seat to be made so this will easily drag into summer. No worries. Tidying up the rest with throttle, brakes, wiring, and external engine mods will keep me and this blog busy in the meantime.