The unveiling

Took it to Ralph Wayne's Backyard Nationals yesterday. Unloaded it down the street and rode it up. A gate guy was waiving bikes onto a side street but waived me through. Huge attention getter as I rode through a sea of people on the blocked-off roads with people reaching for their cameras. I couldn't help but think they would be disappointed to see up close that it was a fake. Everyone assured me it was still cool and plenty stopped to look and ask questions. "Where did you get this part?", "What frame did you use?", What year is that engine?" Quite a few thought it was a Harley engine - shows how many posers are there. I became more and more confident raising eyebrows by saying it's a Briggs & Stratton. The biggest boost was saying I fabricated it, frame and all, myself. In the past, I've taken a nice cafe racer, a vintage BMW, a production 2-stroke road racer(loudest!), and this. This got by far the most attention - what I've found I crave for my troubles. Soon, one of the show guys told me to take it up under the main tent(said he was cherry picking a few bikes). I felt a little sheepish but finally rode it up there. Look at all the Harley-types around it! At the end, I fired it up a rode to the truck. Took it for a side journey around the block and spun the threads on the rear hub! An aluminum alloy hub with this torque is just too much. I'll likely mount a sprocket carrier directly to the hub face and take it easy next time. The acceleration is fun though.