I get a lot of inquiries about this project. I have received e-mails from Belgium, Japan, Australia, and all over the U.S. Well, out of the blue I get one from another Dave who sent scans of the head tube decal and primary cover decals. He felt they were a set of original decals. If not, they were still a Godsend. What luck! I have not been able to make heads nor tails of the head tube decal until now. It did reveal to me that my interpretation of the gray drop shadow on the tank decal was incorrect - it is actually a teal green. I have always thought this was an illusion or lighting effect until I looked again after receiving David's scans. I'll either redo them, hand paint over them, or blow it off. That head tube decal was greatly appreciated. In it's full size it is too big as my head tube is not as large as the original. I put it on anyway and I like the way it finishes up the front end. So much more is known and shared about this marque now than when I started. Makes me want to start over again! I did sort the brake out a bit and it is much better. Add to this that I had yet to finish weld the brake pedal pivot tube for that inaugural ride. It didn't contribute to the poor braking but I am fortunate it didn't completely fail. It did so once back in the garage as I checked for flex in the linkage - close one and lesson learned. This is pretty much how it now looks - sans the small side decals which I opted to place on the battery/tool box. That thing is so stuffed, even with just a 3.3amp AGM battery, that is is a pain to work in there. The key is on the left. I widened the rear stand and added spacers to the pivots so the stand would better clear the axle nuts. The fender is visible too. Since this photo I have distressed it a bit and rubbed down the shabby pin striping to a "worn condition". I bought some of Felt's new Quick Trick cruiser tires in all black and they are the closest to the old combination tread I have found. There has always been a void in this area IMO. They come is several colors including cream/white so, should I stay with white, I will go with those. I now have 4 rides up and down the street on the bike and my confidence foolishly grows. Tomorrow I will take it to Ralph Wayne's Backyard Nationals to see what kind of response I get.