Seat Update

Got the seat this week. Took about a month longer than predicted but it is nice and really helps the look. The mock seat I made was almost identical in shape and width and only about 1/2" too long in front. Amazing how close you can get if you cross examine enough pics of parts on the web. I couldn't really sit on this thing up until now without the proper seat but now I have few excuses - I'm anxious to ride this thing. I brazed some tubing onto flat bar for the seat post then made some brackets to support the rear of the seat from the seat stays. This was a common way to mount them. I needed to braze some tabs on the seat stays so I "jigged" them up to keep them level. I used 3/4" flat stock with a few funky bends for the seat supports. Here's how they turned out. Of course I sat on it and it is loooooong. I needed a quick model so Linda stepped in for the deed. After a few choice comments about not trusting my welds, she committed enough to sit on it.