Pedal Solution

These are shots of the pedals and crank "carrier" installed. The bottom bracket was already occupied by the counter shaft so I had to come up with another way to mount the pedals in a way that was more pleasing than just screwing them to the frame, etc. Though not functional, there were many motorcycles of the era that had cranks and pedals that were fixed in place. By the late teens, motors had enough torque that pedal assistance was no longer required on hills. Search for images and you will see examples. Some merely fixed the crank to the chainstays with a bracket. I think there was a problem breaking a 20-year tradition by eliminating pedals, and the crank, as the traditional form of foot rest. These Torrington pedals were nice and worn. I substituted the rubber blocks with some large diamond pattern blocks that look more the part. Here's a before and after shot. I like the larger and more open look achieved. Quite a bit more narrow than with the footboards, huh?